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Even small office environments today often have a number of machines that
connect to each other sharing files and printers and an Internet connection. We
call it, of course, a network. But different office networks have different needs.
Most office networks have never been properly designed for security, data
protection, or user efficiency. The machines have simply been "connected".

Good network design starts with asking the right questions. Should your system
be a peer to peer network (where the machines simply share files and printers)
or a domain network (where users can log into any machine transparently and
see the same central information)? Should the connections be wired or
wireless or a mix of both? Has it been tested for speed and security? How is it
being monitored? These kinds of questions are about making the network
serve the needs of the business rather than the other way around.

What is most crucial about a professional network install are the security and
data protection issues. Let Macksontech network specialists review your office
network for these enhancements:

Improve the speed of computer/network connections
Automate the backup procedures for your crucial data
Ensure virus protection and disaster recovery features are sound
Review the Security/Firewall protection on-site
Automate network monitoring to spot trouble before it happens


At Macksontech, we are not shy to suggest that you buy a new computer
instead of fixing the old one you have when that is your best move. That seems
odd coming from a company that makes its living fixing old machines. After all,
if we suggest you replace your machine, we lose a potential service call. But it
is our way of building trust with you so that you know when you call us that you
are getting good advice.

So, should you replace that old machine? Here is how to know.

When you have a problem with your computer, it is either going to be software
or hardware that is failing you. In other words, the issue is going to stem from
either a) corruptions in the operating system ((from virus', spyware/adware, or
general deterioration or b) in failures of the physical parts of the machine (i.e.
Failures in the modem, network card, the hard drive, the processor or the
motherboard, etc.). Knowing were the problem generally stems from will help
you to evaluate this decision.

You also need to know what the replacement cost of your machine is. Chances
are if your machine came with Windows 95 preloaded, it is a good bet that
even looking at a machine like that is too expensive. If it is a Windows 98 or
Windows ME era machine, it may be worth working on - depending on what it
needs. Generally with software corruptions or virus infected machines that can
be cleaned up with a couple of hours attention will be worth servicing. If they
require small parts (like a network card or a modem or memory) that will be
worth it as well. But, if the motherboard or processor needs to be replaced in
almost all cases it will be time to upgrade the machine.

What about my data, my personal information?

If you do decide to buy a new machine, you don't need to worry about your
personal information. In almost all cases, transferring your email, word
processing documents, financial data, music, and video files is a breeze. We
can often move your entire hard drive of information over to a new machine in
less than an hour service call and have you up running on a faster, easier to use
machine in no time.

Can you help me to decide?

If you want a free, no hassle evaluation of your machine, just request a service
call. Your initial consultation with a Macksontech service manager is provided
at no cost. In almost all cases we can help you determine over the phone what
a benchmark value for your machine is and what the likely causes of its issues
are. It costs nothing and you will gain the knowledge and information you need
to make a good decision.

Is your information SECURE?
Is your maintenance too costly?

Unfortunately, most businesses have little time to think about disaster recovery
and security issues until an actual emergency happens.

Virus activity, network security breaches (from inside or out), hardware
damage, power surges, and even dust and grime are all sources of potential
vulnerability to the real investment you make when it comes to computers, your
information.  It it is lost or stolen, it spell financial disaster.

Many business environments (especially the growing number of SOHO offices)
are surprisingly without dependable and secure backup procedures. If you lose
data that needs recovery, your business can be in serious trouble.

Even offices that do have a backup strategy often are spending far too much
money on labor for someone to watch over that procedure. Data backup should
be automatic and hidden and should not have to involve any individual's
valuable time to "babysit" the process. A simple installation of a backup hard
drive, and an off-site backup service is the most efficient and dependable way
for most businesses to have the most current backup system in place. We can
advise you on how to set this up easily and inexpensively.


You may also find that your office has been setup for a peer to peer network
(one that simply shares files and printers) and would be better served for
centralizing information and maintaining security by going to a more server-
central system where all computer users in your office can use any computer for
their workspace. There are many advantages to this type of setup and a
Macksontech network administrator can review your business needs to see if it
is time to consider such an upgrade.


Office environments have to be properly designed for information access.
Those that need to have access have it and those that don't, do not. The goal is
simple, but often overlooked.

Most people would never give their credit card over the Internet without being
assured they are on a "secure" connection. But, unfortunately, many offices are
as open to outside attacks through the Internet as they would be leaving the
front door closed without a lock on it. A Macksontech security team, both a
technician and a service manager, can evaluate your system for security holes
and show you how to close them. We can also show you how to design your
system so that temporary workers or people who leave your employ are not
able to continue to have access where they should not.
PHONE: 773-991-9608
Phone: 773-991-9608